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Redlips & Stilettos podcast this Tuesday!




This week I want to share with you why I started the Spa Professionals Guild. I’ve been involved in this industry for over a quarter of a century and during this time one thing has struck me, possibly the most important growth factor for anyone, including me!

ImageThat one thing is staying connected, networking and sharing information. The more connected we remain the stronger we become. Stronger together!

This is why I host regular coaching sessions via Zoom and spend time penning a weekly newsletter in which I share information that will help you grow, or simply inspire you to think outside the box.

With that in mind, I never turn down opportunities to speak at events, write industry articles or attend interviews. These are all ways I get to share more with the industry as a whole. This has become my passion and my calling.


I am very excited to join Kerry Viljoen of The Sales Habit on her podcast called Redlips & Stilettos this Tuesday at 10am. (I share the link below)

@redlips_stilettos is a platform for the professional beauty industry, uniting us throughout South African and beyond! The platform focuses on interviewing leaders from all the different modalities in the industry and, in sharing their unique paths, they hope to inspire everyone with options for their own unique journey.

Grab a coffee and enjoy the show!

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