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The Biggest Spend Event of 2023


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Ever catch yourself saying, “Just do your job, and everything will run smoother”? Yep, I’ve been there!

Had one of those weeks – one of the toughest weeks this year in fact. I had to deal with taking disciplinary action involving 12 different staff members across various spas!

You know how passionate I am about managing my team through motivation and inspiration, and tuning into their “why”. But sometimes a little shake-up is necessary.

Tough call. But, hey, lessons come in all forms. Here’s one I want to share: I should have acted a month ago! The results were instant, and I feel a weight lifted.

Moral of the story?
If something feels off, take action immediately.
I lost a month that could have been spent on greater and more important things. Lesson learned! 🚀

🌴 So, I recently took a moment to recharge, and it felt like a little slice of paradise amidst all the chaos.

Join me and take a moment to breathe in some crisp fresh air and listen to the sounds of nature, because you know what’s coming up? The last two months of 2023!

It’s time to gear up for the biggest spend event of the year—exciting, right?

That’s exactly what we dived into during our recent coaching session, “6 Tips To Double Your Revenue In 8 Weeks” 🚀, and it was a total hit!

Our community came alive with active participation and insightful discussions. From setting clear goals to creating a “buying environment”, we truly learned a lot from each other. I loved the commitment to attend this session, from Jennelle in the gym all the way in Guyana, to Ronelle in her car from the beautiful Cape in South Africa. Well done to you all for making time to ensure you grow and learn too!

We covered 6 game-changing strategies—simple yet powerful. Some were reminders you might have known but forgot, and others were fresh ideas to amp up your revenue this season.

In case you missed any part of the session and did remember to register, don’t worry! Respond to this email with “Marisa, send me that recording!” and I’ll make sure you get access.

But as you know, having the best strategies in place won’t yield results if your marketing isn’t on point. That’s where our NOVEMBER MARKETING CALENDAR comes in handy. It’s your go-to resource, loaded with ideas, promotions, creatives, captions, stories, and more, all tailored to our industry.

Let me be real with you—this calendar won’t do all the work for you. It’s more like a trusty sidekick that you’ll need to customize a bit. But those who’ve fully embraced it have witnessed incredible success, saving hours of time, lots of money, and a ton of brainpower!

Each month, we pour in all the relevant industry insights – market trends, social media know-hows, important dates, industry updates, and so much more!

This is one tool you need to get your hands on to get your marketing on point.


I have one little favor to ask — If you implement even a single nugget of wisdom from our recent session or the November Marketing Calendar, share your experience with me. Your feedback is pure gold and fuels the growth of our amazing community.

I’m eager to hear your stories and celebrate your successes! 💪 Feel free to hit that reply button or drop me a message anytime.

Excited for what’s ahead!


Marisa xx


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