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Do you hold YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE?????‍♀️




Webster’s Dictionary defines “accountability” as “the quality or state of being accountable; an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions.”

Cambridge Dictionary defines “accountability” as the fact of being responsible for what you do and able to give a satisfactory reason for it, or the degree to which this happens

In your journey as business owner or salon/spa manager or even as a therapist, nail technician, hair stylist or massage therapist, the one trait that will ensure your success is your commitment to meeting the goals of the business. It’s the mindset of a high performance professional, constantly asking yourself, what more can you do and how can you do it better? Its not about saying, “I will do better next time” or, “I will try improve” or, “Sorry, I made a mistake”. It’s about changing your behaviour – the what and how you do it.

Accountability in your sphere as manager is the mechanism of assuming the ownership and performance of the team.

Know this fact, a culture of accountability directly influences the bottom line of any business.  That’s really thought provoking isn’t it? Let me repeat it this way: a culture of accountability directly influences the profitability of any business!

So, let’s look at where you, as a manager, could fall short in terms of holding yourself accountable? 

  1. Your staff don’t retail. This is where you, as manager, need to hold yourself accountable. Your team will only get the retail revenue that you facilitate. You are directly responsible for this and it is in your full control. Set realistic targets and ensure you have measures in place to track success daily. Recognize your top performers regularly and always look for innovative ways to drive sales. Never, ever take your foot off the accelerator!
  2. Staff become stagnant and don’t learn because you’re not booking them on product training or business skill training for fear they might leave your employ. Think about this, what if they don’t leave you prematurely? Change your mindset on this, if we all commit to upskilling our staff and motivating continuous product education, everyone wins as the whole industry is lifted!
  3. Not holding morning staff huddles because you have two shifts starting at different times. Oh my word, all I hear here are excuses. Then have two staff huddles, make a plan and do something about it. Again, you as manager are directly responsible for this essential part of your teams growth and success.
  4. Not committing to self growth and education because you don’t have enough time.  The time excuse is the reason why you may always be in a state of putting out fires and working IN your business instead of ON your business. Again, here I say, hold yourself accountable and know that if YOU as owner or manager don’t commit to continued education and growth, then you will never attain the success you have the capability of achieving.

That’s 4 simple, but very common examples.  Did any of the above resonate with you?

Whilst ensuring your own accountability is obvious in your business, it’s also extremely important to promote a culture of individual accountability within your team. <<Download>> the attached sheet as  a reminder to your staff to maintain their individual accountability on a daily basis. Print it out and​ place it in a prominent, private staff area, and promote this important characteristic and life skill.

Now, ensure your staff adopt this sense of personal and individual accountability by employing these steps:

  1. Set expectations (in writing) during on-boarding in the form of SMART goals and make consequences and rewards clear
                S – Specific
                M – Measurable
                A – Attainable
                R – Relevant
                T – Timely
  2. Provide consistent, actionable performance feedback early and often. Have the difficult conversations whilst considering your employees’ feelings.
  3. Establish a culture of empowerment and trust by leading by example. When they see your accountability they will feel secure and empowered.
  4. Follow through and follow up. Be consistent!
  5. Get (a little more) casual. Have a tough conversation over coffee rather than pulling someone into a boardroom which could cause undue stress.
  6. Establish collective values and objectives. These should delineate a culture of positivity, hard work, and, most importantly, accountability.

Have a look at the video clip link and listen carefully to what Navy Seal, Brent Gleeson, has to say about accountability.

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