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Fall in love with profit this Valentine!????



Hello There ,

Will your revenue jump by 30% in the month of love?

Globally, Valentine’s Day is one of the top 3 BIGGEST SPEND events of every year!

Is it the third biggest profit period in your business?

If not, before you read on, understand that you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Know this, you can’t sit back and hope for that revenue to come your way. Hope is not a sustainable strategy. You need to go hunt and be relentless in your pursuit to get the revenue. Here are three tips to get prepared:

  1. Set a target for the business
  2. Have a plan
  3. Work the plan daily, measure the plan daily and make adjustments daily

In the video clip earlier this week, I gave you one really great idea to boost your revenue and promised to give you a few more in the newsletter, so here goes.

Let’s do some simple calculations together:

Front desk calls 20 clients per day for 10 days with an exclusive Valentines Voucher offer that is only for VIP clients.

That’s 200 phone calls.

That’s a potential 200 MORE voucher sales.

If you get a 30% hit rate, which is low for a targeted sales call like this, then you get 60 voucher sales.

Each voucher could be valued around 500.

That’s an additional 30 000! How does that sound??

Now, the above is possible, and I would aim for a minimum of 50% hit rate on a targeted sales call, but you need to equip your staff with a script and do a few role play calls with them. Let them hear you do a few calls first, then practice some with them. Implement an incentive for different percentage tiers of voucher sales achieved.

Valentines Displays and Gifting area

Let’s learn from the retailers who do this so well. If you want sales of a specific item to boost, you display it close to a pay point. It’s that simple.  So, get yourself stocked up on beautiful cards, wrapping paper, gift boxes, small teddies and candy as additions and conceptualize a range of 3 men’s and 3 ladies Valentines gift ideas.

Package the products you sell as the headline of course, with some gorgeous, eye catching add on items to make 3 different price point gifts so that you can attract as many buyers as possible.

See some inspiration images below.

The more effort you put in the greater the result.

Create a “month of love” package that can be used as a gift or to simply drive revenue with your current clients. It should be welcomed positively by your VIP’s and regulars because of the value in the package. Some examples here:


Anti-stress back/neck and shoulder massage for HIM

Immune Boosting back/neck and shoulder massage for HER

Detoxifying skin cleanse for HIM

Rejuvenating Glow skin boost for HER

Sparkling Wine and paired frangipani chocolates for BOTH

*package available only for February bookings

*payment on booking

*add on any treatment to the above package and get 20% off

With the above package it’s important to note the names given to the treatments. These are not new treatments where you now need to urgently train your staff on something totally unique, but rather an add on item that makes the treatment deliver the “anti-stress”. Consider a specialized oil or tool for example. Naming your treatments in your packages is crucial to the success of sales as the consumer is looking for a solution to a pain point. Ensure you are targeting your consumer with the way you name your packages.

There are literally hundreds of ideas to boost Valentines Month revenue. It’s important that you identify, plan, implement and measure.

One last idea before I go ….

If you run a loyalty program in your salon/spa, add double points for February or do a buy one get one free for loyalty program clients only. Offer value and ensure the loyalty program value is unique to those clients only.

I hope you have been inspired and will get cracking on getting that 30% BOOST IN REVENUE in February.

Till next week,


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