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2 GUARANTEED ways to BOOST Valentine’s Day Revenue????



Hello There,

With a few days to go to one of the biggest spend events of the year, how is your revenue tracking so far this month? I want to repeat the fact that Valentine’s is one of the BIGGEST spend events of the YEAR!! If you are not getting a piece of the cake, let me help you!

Have you seen a 20 to 30% growth in your revenue? I hope so. 

Whether you have or not, here are 2 GUARANTEED ways to boost your income before the day which immortalized Saint Valentine.

Idea 1:
How many men do you know that plan their Valentine’s day gifts weeks in advance? I personally don’t know of a single one.

All the men in my life are last minute dot com shoppers and thank heavens for my kids reminding my husband of my birthday and Valentine’s Day or I might just get a last-minute card and flowers when he realizes what day it actually is.

So, FIND these guys and make it easy for them. Offer them the gift, wrapped up and even delivered if need be, and give them choices! Don’t simply offer them one gift option or a voucher but get two or three different gift options and present it to them. THEY WILL BUY!

You might be asking yourself, how do I get to those men to buy the gifts?

Online Gift Voucher drive.

Have a flash offer which you promote the week before Valentine’s Day for last minute shoppers….which happens to be MOST people. Give the offer a high perceived value add, NOT a discount. Online gifting is easy for all parties, the buyer doesn’t need to leave the comfort of where they are and the seller doesn’t need to do anything other than have the available product. Consider that you’re not inventing the wheel, vouchers are common and most businesses offer them, therefore you need to be one step ahead. Consider collaborations with businesses in your area for add-ons such as a dinner or movie voucher or even some creative couples experiences such as puzzle making, cooking or painting classes. The way the voucher is presented has to absolutely entice the shopper into action, move them beyond doubt and into certainty! This can only happen if you put incredible effort into the execution. Focus on appropriate and professional photography and ensure your call to action is SOLID. Enlist the service of a copywriter to ensure you have a clear “buy now” message which results in sales!

Now, you may still be asking how to get to these buyers?
Let’s unpack a few ways. First of all, the most effective way to get to a man is via his “better half”. So, ask your client if she/he would like YOU to market Valentine’s gifts to him and get his, and his PA’s contact details. The sooner you start getting this list together the more successful your gifting promotions will be, year after year.  This form of collecting data is the best and quickest. If each of your staff gather 10 guests’ spouse or partner details per day, and your receptionist collects 20 per day, well, you’ll have a huge data base on your hands. Some of you might think this is such a pain. Well, no, it’s not a pain if it boosts your gifting revenue by 30%. You decide how much you want to gain or how big a piece of the Valentine’s day spend pie you want and then become RELENTLESS, set your goal, set your target and DON’T STOP till you get there!

Focusing advertising on Facebook and Instagram is also a great idea but don’t spend money unless you know it’s going to the right target market and you’re sure the audience is likely to make social media purchases.

To make your lives easier in the long run, my suggestion is you get busy sorting your database out this year. Get as many husbands and wives’ details as you can as well as their respective PA’s details. This way you can send targeted and personalized information and promotions. Tell the wives and husbands you are doing this so they have offers that suit them and to help them with gifting, instead of sending them everything. You should have a teenage database too, where you’re promoting content suited to a market that is growing daily!

I could carry on for days but respect the limitations of a single newsletter. I hope you have a cracker Valentines! Whether you are locked down or not, there is always a way to send love to someone, so find the way and get it into your client’s hands.

KEEP MOVING Tribe????!

Marisa xx

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