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Today I want to share some tips on boosting retail and I also want to give you the opportunity to attend two of our coaching sessions, absolutely free. Our live coaching is free to members and $20 for non-members. Well, this week is open house and everyone is welcome!

But first, let’s talk about boosting your retail…

If I asked whether you LOVE retailing, would you say yes?

How about this question, do you LOVE having enough cashflow? Of course you do!

Well, I can guarantee you the quickest way for you to make more money is to increase retail. We are in the business of making people look and feel fabulous, right?

Well, that is only truly possible if your client is able to continue the treatment at home with a thoughtfully prescribed self-care ritual, extending the power of your professional treatments and ensuring prolonged benefits and maintained results. Your service is only fully performed when you recommend products for your clients to take home. Without this you really are doing your client a massive disservice.

So here we go;

  1. Have enough stock.

There is no point moving to the next 4 ideas if you don’t have enough stock and enough variety on shelf. Let’s look at a grocery store set up. It’s unlikely you will find only one variety of bread and only two loaves on shelf, right? No, they have 7 or 8 different varieties and then dozens on shelf. Yes, I know you are not a grocery store but the same PRINCIPLE applies. It is a scientific retail principle. STOCK SELLS STOCK.  So If your retail ratio is not where you want it to be, start with your stock holding.

  1. Implement a DAILY FEATURED product in your salon or spa. 

Call it the “PRODUCT OF THE DAY” if you wish. Ensure it is displayed at the hotspots within your space and that all staff are focused on that product specifically that day.  You will be surprised what focus can do! It works! Now, as I always say, don’t just give your staff the treatments and products to sell but TRAIN them daily. For this retail boosting idea, I suggest you have each member of staff do a 1-minute sales role play during the morning staff huddle. The intention of this is to get them comfortable selling the featured product but also a fun and interactive way to hear their ideas and to have them brainstorm together. You will have a SOLD-out product EVERY DAY.  Reason for major celebration!!

  1. Daily, fun competitions to drive the team.

These are small, fun competitions which involve things like a Starbucks voucher, a slice of cheesecake, 20 in cash or pop a balloon for a mystery prize, etc. There are hundreds of fun games to play with staff to keep them connected. This competition is not connected to the daily featured product but rather, it’s target driven. Not the normal daily target either but a special target. Something along the lines of; first person to 5 retail products gets ……. or, first person to get a testimonial video clip loaded to social media today gets ……. or, first person to rebook 4 of their clients today gets …….  And again, hundreds of ideas, but remember to always use competitions to drive specific revenue outcomes. This is not about who keeps their rooms cleanest or who arrives at work on time.

  1. Call your brand partner in to do a ‘POWER HOUR’ session with your team. 

It’s always beneficial to have external help as our team will respond differently to a third party. Ensure the power hour has an outcome or a goal that has been decided prior to the session with you. So, the goal could be to focus exclusively on breakouts due to season changes and how to help clients. Ask your brand partner to do this by involving the team with a few role plays. Ensure the sessions with your brand partner are fun and interactive. You don’t want your team dreading time with them as they will switch off if there’s no connection and outcome.

  1. Create a “one-day-per-week-three-hour-only-promo”

Choose one specific day every week to run a special retail offer that is ONLY AVAILABLE in store or ONLINE for three specific hours on that specific day. It could be 20% Tuesday or Wellness Wednesday. Again, so many ideas. The important part here is to make this a constant and also to focus on moving volume on those days. This will boost revenue only if you really focus on pushing volume since it will invariably be tied to a discount. Keep changing the offer every week till you have tried 20 or 30 different offers to see which ones work best and then roll those out and rotate them.

These are just 5 ideas. There are literally hundreds more! I will feature more over the coming months newsletters.

Now, on to the free coaching sessions I promised.

The first session as follows????


Time: Tue, Mar 16, 2021 04:00 PM Johannesburg / 10:00 AM New York / 2 PM London

Register by following the link below and using the coupon code MYSTERY at checkout for 100% discount.


The second session as follows????


Time: Thu, Mar 18, 2021 02:00 PM Johannesburg / 08:00 AM New York / 12 PM London

Register by following the link below. This session is hosted by Professional Beauty.


I really look forward to connecting with you and I hope you are getting value out of these newsletters. I would love to hear from you, just a quick short reply to this mail to say thanks, hi, love this, keep them coming or any other short message to let me know you’re finding value. The quick communication will feed me and I’m hungry!

Till next week!


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