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I’m so excited about this newsletter because this is a game changer for your business! Let me start by asking you some questions.

1. Do you agree with me that the more information you have about your client, the better you can treat them?

2. Do you agree that the more information you have about your client, the better the relationship, since you’re getting to know them?

3. Do you agree that with relationship, comes trust?

I’m sure your answers were all YES.  So, next question, are your therapists having ‘MEANINGFUL CONVERSATIONS’ with clients?  Let’s quickly clarify what this means. This means a 30 – 60 minute conversation with first time clients, and a 15 minute conversation before each treatment.  Is this happening? The truth is, if your team were having these appropriate, meaningful conversations, you would have far fewer client and treatment related challenges in your businesses.

I can almost hear your “reasons” as to why you don’t allow 30 – 60 minutes for consultations/conversations, saying “we simply cannot allow that long for consultations as we need time for treatments.”

If you were guaranteed that the meaningful conversations would result in double the treatment revenue, guarantee rebooking and a loyal new client for life, would that make it worth it for you?  Oh, and let’s also add in some retail. The value of which will most likely match the treatment value.I’m sure you would say, “yes, yes, yes!” And surely then you would allow the time. Well, here is the reality of the situation.a) You need to train your therapists to have these conversations and role play them over and over again. Practice makes perfect, and b) you need to manage this by allowing the time and measuring the outcome of consultation time allowed every day.

Keep focused on the outcome of having these conversations and then you will realize how important they are to the longevity of your business. This is a guaranteed tool to growing your business, retaining clients and attracting new clients.

I promised you a few tips on how to have meaningful conversations, so here goes

1.Greet your client warmly – by name, maintain eye contact and smile throughout. Ensure they know you truly care about discovering more about them. When you actively listen you learn a lot!

2.Sit down (this ensures they don’t feel intimidated) with pen and paper or iPad (reassures your client you’re really listening), maintain eye contact and have a focused conversation. Watch your body language and don’t cross arms and legs.

3.Use language your client is comfortable with. Avoid industry jargon. Mirror your client with body position and gestures. This puts them at ease.

4.Ask open questions rather than closed questions. Example; closed: “Do you like your skin” and open: “what do you like about your skin”. Closed questions will provide less information.

5.Failing to plan is planning to fail. Ensure you enter your conversation / consultation with a planned questionnaire or consultation checklist. It not only ensures you stay on task, but also assists in keeping internal records for the business.

Example questions to include:

1.Tell me about your lifestyle.  This question is crucial and how you really get to know your client. You want to prompt information that goes beyond their skin. Probe your client about family, career / job, social life, hobbies, medications, diet and water intake.

2.What is your skincare /body-care routine?

3.Tell me about your skin type? Concerns? What you love the most? What you dislike?

4.How does your skin respond to exfoliation / steaming / extractions etc.?

5.What is your ultimate wish for your skin/body/hair/nails? 

Now is NOT the time to sell anything, not retail nor treatment plans, just TALK ABOUT YOUR CLIENT.  So the conversation is not about you and how qualified and good you are but exclusively about them.
That’s 10 very important and useful tips which I hope you will implement for more meaningful conversations. I am excited to share more tips with you and so, I’d actually like to invite you to attend a free, POWER session where I will share the TOP 5 WAYS you can boost profitability in your spa or salonSimply follow this link to register and then put the date and time in your calendar and don’t miss it! I’ll see you on Monday, 21 June at 2pm Johannesburg / 1pm London / 8am New York.  

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Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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