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Here is STEP 1 in the series “SALES SUCCESS” ????



How is the mindset adjustment going?

Are you ready to get cracking and set up your double digits earnings?

Thank you for the hundreds of “DEAL” emails we received in response to last weeks newsletter, confirming that you are committed to this process and that you have indeed cultivated a positive, growth mindset.

Today I will introduce you to the first step in the 4 part series of ‘Steps to Sales Success’. Actually there are 7 steps. We cover it in meticulous detail in our ‘Double Your Digits’ course, with awesome case studies and tasks to complete. I am going to share 4 of the 7 steps with you and today we begin with the first one!

Step 1 is fundamental to the entire process. It is the foundation and we all know that the foundation determines the outcome. The stronger the foundation, well, quite simply, the more solid and impressive the outcome.

The foundation, or Step 1, is CONSULTATION. I want to change this word to meaningful conversations rather, so that you fully understand what the outcome needs to be. You need to get to know your client, really get to know them, and the only way you can do this is through consultation or conversation. So, how long do you think this conversation should be? Well, let’s split this into consultations for first time clients and consultations for return clients, as they differ vastly.

Typically our industry allows 15 – 30 minutes for consultations, and even then it’s a hesitant allocation of time by the owner or manager since there isn’t any actual service or revenue taking place right? Well, this needs to change. Here’s why, we need a different outcome and we are dealing with a new consumer.

A consumer who wants to belong…..
a consumer who wants to be heard……

and a consumer who wants to feel important and valued.  

The only way you can do this is by allocating the right time for this. Also, remember something, this time you allow sets up a huge revenue stream and a loyal client.

So, the time allocated should be 45 – 60 minutes for a first time client and 15 – 30 minutes for return clients. Not 15 minutes for a first time client and 5 minutes for a return client, which seems to be the norm.

Yes, you read that right! And no, I am not losing my mind. I can just imagine some of you reading this saying to yourselves “I am not giving up 45 minutes of revenue time for a consultation, no way”.

So, let’s debate this a little ….Give me 2 minutes reading time then decide;
15 minutes consultation time 45 minutes consultation time
Check completed client card Check completed client card
Confirm with client any concerns Discover client skin/body desires
Confirm with client any needs Discover why client is there
Upsell to treatment Discover what the client is using at home
Check contra indications Discover what the client likes and dislikes about products using at home
  Discover client lifestyle
  Discover about client medical history
  Discover client career
  Discover client hobbies
  Discover client previous treatments and likes and dislikes about them
  Discover clients preferences in order to personalise treatment
  Discover and discuss communication methods with client.  Whether whatsapp or phone call best and discuss before and after pictures
  Discuss a treatment plan for 6 months with the client as well as budget
  Discuss products to use at home will be finalised after treatment and thorough skin analysis
  Upsell to treatment
In the comparative table above, which consultation do you think will get higher revenue?

If the therapist is REALLY good, well, perhaps both could get similar revenues.

Which do you think will set up continued revenue and a long term client?
Definitely the 45 minutes!

Which do you think will build a relationship?  And trust?
Definitely the 45 minutes.

Which do you think the client will remember?
Definitely the 45 minutes.

Which do you think will enable personalization better?
Definitely the 45 minutes!

There is no doubt that a 45 minute initial investment of time into a new client is going to get you better, more profitable long term results.

I would like you to test this. Choose two therapists in your business who do the same services and have the same qualifications and experience level. Allow one to do a 45 minute consultation and the other to do a 15 minute consultation and compare the outcome of both scenarios. I can guarantee that the 45 minute consultation yielded a higher docket value, treatment upsell as well as future treatments booked and homecare products purchased.

If it didn’t, then a dialogue check needs to be put in place. If the dialogue is not correct, well, you won’t get any results from the 45 minute conversation at all.

Don’t worry, I am going to help you with this too. but that’s for next week! Stay tuned as I share a tool that will put your meaningful conversations on auto-pilot!

Till next week,


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