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How has step 1 worked out for you?

Did you do the test and compare the 45 minutes consultation vs the 15 minute one? What is your conclusion??

I’m really hoping you did see the value in allowing longer consultation time, as it really does work. Last week I said that if you didn’t get a higher docket and retail sale and more bookings then the dialogue needs to be checked.

The words you use and how you say them really do have an impact, so I would like to help you with that dialogue.

As with anything that you want to become really good at, you need to practice, practice and practice some more. I often get asked, how is it that I just know what to say, when to say it at and what tone of voice to say it in. Well, it has taken me years of practice, adjustment, trying new things and learning about peoples personalities and how they like to be spoken to. What I am saying to you is that no one is born knowing how to speak perfectly and say the right thing, they learn it.

So, your commitment with this SOP is to promise to practice it. Learn it like a script and ask different types of people to be your “client” to present different scenarios to you.

This SOP is a HUGE GIFT to you from Spa Professionals Guild. It is not any ordinary SOP but one that has evolved over the last 10 years and using principles drawn from communication techniques, personality profiling and body language techniques too.

In order to get this SOP for FREE I do ask for something really small in return. This request will benefit you, as well our entire industry as it’s a very quick needs analysis and will be used to formulate the content I develop for you over the next quarter.

You will need to complete a small questionnaire (only 4 questions) and then I also ask you to refer an industry colleague to us. Someone who would benefit from receiving our weekly newsletters and joining our live coaching calls.

Enjoy the SOP and next week we move onto Step 2! HOW EXCITING!!!

To access the SOP, follow this LINK.

Till next week,


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