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READY?? Here’s Your FREE SOP Template – Implementing a New System


READY?? Here's Your FREE SOP Template - Implementing a New System

It’s SOP time!!! 
YES YES YES!  We are committed to ensuring you have the latest and most up to date!
S.O.P = Standard Operating Procedures.  
What is that?
The bible of your business.  A step by step guide of how to do something so there’s no assumptions or doubt.

What is this months SOP?  Well we are gifting you the SOP that talks into Mistake Number 1 that managers make.  Remember what that is?  If you didn’t catch that clip and interview you CANNOT MISS THIS.  So click the video below  to see the interview and click here to read the extended interview with a GOLDEN NUGGET.

So the SOP is all about how to implement a new system the RIGHT WAY.  Its done for you!  step by step.  Just add your salon/spa details and any extra points you want and DONE!!!!  saved you an hour of work!  IT’S A PLEASURE!!!!
All I would like from you please is that you refer a colleague to our Community so we can grow!  The more we grow the better the Industry as a whole becomes!  So LETS DO THIS!!!
Please simply click on THIS LINK to download your SOP and refer a colleague to Spa Professionals Guild.
What’s next?  A very powerful tool that changes lives, boosts revenue and keeps staff loyal and focused.   See you next week to find out what this might be!!!

Till then!
Marisa xxx

Spa Professionals Guild is now Wellness Professionals Club.


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