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Grab your 1-on-1 meeting template here!


Grab your 1-on-1 meeting template here!

Watch this video before diving in!

I just read an article released by Harvard which I totally loved! I urge you all to read it as well, you won’t regret it. The topic covers COMPASSION, and how this is a better managerial tactic than toughness. Read the article HERE.

Managerial compassion, plus keeping staff engaged, interested, motivated and focused is absolutely critical to the success of your businesses in today’s world.  I have so much to say on this topic but this is not the format, nor purpose of these newsletters. So, today I am going to dive right into the “FORMAT OF AN EFFECTIVE 1-ON-1” as promised in my last social media video clip!
Before I give you the format, remember:
  • KPI is different to a 1-on-1.  KPI manages performance monthly and uses indicators by which this is measured.
  • Performance Reviews are also different to 1-on-1’s. Performance reviews are bi-annual, formal check-in’s, where both staff member and company review performance and set goals.
Both of the above are critical as well, and are covered in full with templates, checklists, agendas and score forms in our Business Management training course. Be sure to use the tools provided in the course as they’re proven, tried and tested and will save you massive amounts of money, time and effort. There’s really no point in recreating these systems and templates when we’ve spent over 20 years perfecting them for our industry specifically.  (Click HERE to register for the course and find out more)
Now, to the topic at hand. A 1-on-1 meeting is a 30-minute coffee meeting where relationships are nurtured, trust is solidified and secrets are uncovered. SECRETS????  I’m coming to that in a minute.
So here’s the step by step!
Set a date and time.  Send an invitation.  Simple wording saying “let’s have a coffee together on Monday at 10am”. Lets meet at xxxxx (close to the business but not inside the actual spa). Important here, send an invitation as this is personal and people love to know they were invited to something. Then, ensure it’s not inside the actual spa/salon building.  So, a coffee shop in the hotel or centre or nearby place within walking distance.
Watch your body language at this meeting, and put your phone on silent. Important that your staff feels like they are the focus and attention of that time. No answering calls and no texting. Ensure your body language is open and show that active listening is taking place.  Smile and ensure you look the part, yes, lead by example and dress very professionally and with full make up. Ensure you look amazing!  If you get a compliment then you’ve done a good job.
Ask the following FOUR questions and write down the answers. (Click HERE to download the questionnaire that’s ready to complete)
  1. What do you love about working here?
  2. What would you change if you were the manager?
  3. Who’s your favorite colleague?  And why?
  4. Tell me anything you think I don’t know. (can be anything like your favorite food, your favorite client, your favorite product or even what you don’t like, maybe your worst food etc). This might sound like a silly question, but let me tell you that this question is what is going to make your relationship develop and get solid.  It’s when you start finding out things about people that you don’t know that they feel engaged and really valued.  This is the reference to ‘SECRETS’ I made earlier.
Thank the person for taking time to have coffee with you and remind them that you are there any time they need a chat.
And that’s it! Simple BUT EFFECTIVE!!!!  Watch the discoveries you are going to make and also how much the staff will value these meetings.  don’t make them longer than 30 minutes unless the person opens up about a real issue where they need counselling or coaching.  And, very importantly, your voice should be least heard in this meeting. THIS IS ABOUT YOUR STAFF!!!!!
Good luck and please share your stories with me, I love hearing how these simple tools change the dynamics in your business.

See you soon!
Marisa xxx


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