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Book more treatments with this FREE marketing tool! It’s REELy easy!!!


Book more treatments with this FREE marketing tool! It's REELy easy!!!

Let me start by telling you the story of Dolce Vita owner, Kym. An exclusive ladies only Spa in South Africa. Kym ensures she stays abreast of the latest social media trends and constantly experiments across channels. 

Recently she decided to post a REEL, promoting a new treatment, rather than going the usual TikTok route. WOW is how she described the outcome! She secured 20 bookings for the treatment shown in the reel within a few hours of posting it. Kym says it took her a while to get the reel done properly but the outcome was beyond her expectations.

Let’s look at a few really important reasons why Reels should play a critical role in your marketing strategy.

  1. Unlike stories, reels won’t disappear after 24 hours, increasing visibility and shareability.
  2. Consumer behavior on social media is changing. There are officially 1.393 billion active users on Instagram and Instagram Reels gets 22% more engagement compared to regular videos.
  3. Instagram Reels can be found on the Explore Page where 50% of people who use Instagram find new content.
  4. 81% of people who use Instagram use it to look for a company, a product or a service.

We’re providing a short step by step guide on how to create a Reel below, but expand on the subject a lot more in a recorded workshop on the topic. This recorded workshop will give you better guidance and includes a practical example of a Reel being produced. Click below on the video to watch the workshop.

Creating a Reel 

  1. Select the reels option that you see at the bottom of the screen where your Instagram camera is located. You will see all the tools for editing to the left of the screen.
  2. The tools offer audio where you can choose a song for your video
  3. There is a countdown and timer feature which will allow you to record hands free
  4. You can record numerous clips and use the align feature for seamless transitions between clips
  5. You can also adjust the speed of your clips
That’s pretty much it! Easy right? So, how about you get started and create your own first Reel.
Let us know what other marketing and social media content you’re interested in learning about? We value your feedback. Simply reply to this email.
Lastly, a little DO’s and DON’Ts summary…

Until next week!
Marisa xxx

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