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The GREAT Management Transformation!  

What worked 10 years ago will definitely not work today.  It really is that simple. This means that if we, as owners and managers, are not prepared to change how we are running our businesses, we are not going to get the type of results we need.
The workforce today places greater value on being appreciated and respected above titles and salary, they want to work in an environment which is engaged and where the culture is team and people centric.

Peter Drucker said it best in his essay for Harvard Business Review. “Every few hundred years throughout Western history, a sharp transformation has occurred, in a matter of decades, society altogether rearranges itself – its worldview, its basic values, its social and political structures, its arts, its key institutions. Fifty years later a new world exists. And the people born into that world cannot even imagine the world in which their grandparents lived and into which their own parents were born. Our age is such a period of transformation.”

This is exactly where we find ourselves, a time of transformation or, as I like to refer to it, a time to hit the “RESET” button.

So, what can you do to RESET as a manager / owner?

Here are five tips to get you started:

  • Accept that we live in a knowledge dominant economy
    Ask the right questions, in fact, ask as many questions as possible and stop trying to teach. If you ask, you will understand what your staff need.
  • Get rid of every protocol that is past its sell-by date
    Stop holding on to techniques and theories that are ancient and embrace innovation. I acknowledge it can be hard to change the way things are done, particularly if they’ve been done with success for many years, however, don’t knock it till you try it! Take the first step towards delivering the NEW. Your perception of success will change as you watch your business enter a new phase of growth.
  • Embrace the “People” Culture
    Employees need to have autonomy, meaning, the freedom to manage themselves.  This may be a really tough mind shift, but think about this, your employee knows MORE than you do about your customers, his/hers needs and desires…. FACT. So, let that guide your decision about implementing a more “people” centric culture where your staff manage themselves.
  • Provide a much stronger sense of purpose
    Most employees are not fully engaged in what they do, they mostly just “go through the motions”. This is because “their why” is not connected to their occupation. Connect fully with each of your employees “WHY” and then align it to the business mission. Now instill belief, and you have a more engaged and passionate staff member.
  • Create a passion for learning
    Another favorite Peter Drucker quote, this time regarding education; “If knowledge isn’t challenged to grow, it disappears fast.”  No matter how long you have been in the Industry or how many degrees or courses you have done, knowledge and the process of learning needs to continue till we are no longer on this earth.

Of course, this is merely a drop in the ocean of managerial transformation resources available to you by Spa Professionals Guild. We are obsessed with this industry and helping each person who has chosen it as a career, grow in leaps and bounds. I would like to encourage you to also become OBSESSED with growing, learning and transforming!

For more tactical tips and an overhaul of your management toolkit, we are proud to invite you to our online Transformational Business Management Course. This in-depth, 9 module course will provide you with the absolute best foundation from which to launch the next phase of growth within your business. It’s time for CHANGE!
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