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Want to Multiply Your Earnings? Let’s Agree on THREE THINGS First!



Watch this video before diving in!

Sales Success…………Double my earnings……………Triple my earnings…………..

Does it sound like a dream or more like hard work?
There is certainly some skill required to achieve this as well as planning and so on but the most important thing that will determine how quickly you double or triple your earnings is YOUR MINDSET.  Do you believe that?

I love this quote by Wayne Dyer that says “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!”  Mindset influences how we think and feel as well as how we react and behave.

I want to share with you three things with regards to mindset and I need your commitment and agreement to implement what I’m sharing.  If you agree then the next step is 5 tips to achieving a super powerful and transformational mindset.
Like the sounds of this?

Let’s get the three agreements sorted first.  Ready?

Watch your words.  Your words create your reality.  If you’re a member of our Spa Professionals Guild community you will know we forbid certain words from our vocabulary. Join us in that pursuit and watch your life change. The three words are TRY, CAN’T and I added a new one a few weeks ago and that is UNFORTUNATELY.  That word drives me nuts.  Anyway, those three words may never be used, deal?

Work on cultivating an abundance or growth mindset on a daily basis.  Yes, this is a DAILY task.  You need to visualise and live an abundant life.  This starts from the moment you wake up.  First thing you do, is take out your notebook and write down one growth or abundance sentence to reaffirm during that day.  Carry that sentence around with you and read it to yourself out loud 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 times.

Only socialise and be in the company of positive and abundant mindset people.  If you are going to continuously expose yourself to negativity and fixed mindsets, well, then don’t bother with this system because it won’t work.  You become what you are constantly exposed to so ensure that exposure is with positive growth and abundance.  Laugh a lot and find reasons to build and compliment people around you.

If you agree to these 3 points then we can continue.

A strong mindset is what allows you to stay focussed on your goals, it helps you accept and understand that hard times and roadblocks will pass and it prevents you from making the wrong decisions for your life and your business.
Here are 5 tips to a powerful, strong mindset!

  • Act and behave as you would if you were where you want to be.  The power of intention.  For example:  if you were already doubling or tripling your revenue, what would you be doing different to what you are doing now?  Think about this and write it down and start to live that life and act that role now.
  • Take time to reflect and introspect.  Constantly measure and evaluate.  Physically block time out to do this in your week, every week.
  • Don’t supress negative thoughts as they are real but don’t give them power either.  Replace the negative thoughts as quickly as possible with a solution.
  • Have purposeful moments of stillness to give your direction clarity.  Ensure you exercise this regularly.
  • Have a coach or a mentor and never stop learning. Being subscribed to our newsletter is a great start and will go a long way to keeping your mindset on track for greatness.  Take the next step and invest in your continued learning and growth. There are many resources out there so find what will drive the greatest results in your life and business and commit to it! If it’s learning how to manage a spa or salon for maximum success and profitability you’re interested in, well, you’re exactly where you need to be as our transformational Business Management Course will do just that for you. Take the plunge and join HERE

Are you committed to the right MINDSET for growth and greatness?

Until next week!
Marisa xxx

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