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We have reached the NINTH “Mistakes Managers/Directors make” in their spa/salon/aesthetic or wellness businesses.  This time we headed off to KWA-ZULU NATAL IN SOUTH AFRICA to interview  Jackie Armitage, Spa Manager at The Oyster Box, part of Red Carnation Hotels Group.

How many of you have a love/hate relationship with training your staff?  Be honest now, are you quick to book time off for them to get trained or have a meeting with a brand trainer or do you book the training around revenue and treatment bookings?

How many of you feel that treatment bookings come first?

How many of you feel resentment that you put so much time and effort into training and then your staff sometimes leave?

How many of you feel that training is important but revenue is more important?

So, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Jackie’s mistake or lesson learned as this is a NEVER-ENDING drama with business owners and something that I don’t often get right with most of the spas and salons that I consult with. 

Jackie’s biggest “mistake” is once again about STAFF!!!!  Jackie has over 20 years experience in the Industry, having worked internationally and set up many spa businesses too.  So for me, I love the fact that this mistake or lesson has been brought up by such an experienced professional in our industry.

Click on the Video below to listen to the interview with Jackie

Next week Jackie is kindly gifting you with a training tracker!  A simple spreadsheet which you can use to track this important business function. Another valuable tool to add to your toolbox.  

Talking about staff ……. Have you seen the newly updated STAFF MODULE in our Transformational Training Course?  
This module has everything you need when it comes to STAFF. Look at everything we cover in the module:

  1. A positive attitude 
  2. Staff Huddle
  3. Staff Meetings
  4. Goal Setting
  5. Customer Communication
  6. Make Change a Positive Process
  7. Staff Profiling
  8. Communication: open and closed questioning
  9. Active Listening
  10. Positive Language
  11. Praise Sandwich
  12. 4 square questioning technique
  13. Delegation
  14. Managing Conflict & Complaints
  15. Therapist Daily Revenue Planner
  16. Therapist Opening & Closing Checklist
  17. Mindset Shift

To find out more, reply to this mail or click below to register to attend the course.

Until next week!
Marisa xxx

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