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Amplify Your Business, Career and Your Life with the Spa Professionals Guild Word of 2023


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Every year, the Spa Professionals Guild chooses a word to motivate us.
This year’s chosen word is ‘AMPLIFY’

What Does Amplifying Mean For You?
When you amplify something, you are essentially increasing or improving it. To amplify our careers or personal lives means to take what we have already achieved and make it bigger, better, more impactful, more successful, or more rewarding. Amplifying our careers could mean getting a promotion at work or moving into a new role that offers greater responsibility and opportunity. It could also mean improving upon existing skillsets by learning new things – such as learning a language or mastering a skill – so that we can open up new opportunities for ourselves in the future.

Amplifying your business as an owner is just as rewarding and encompasses activities such as personal growth, training and upskilling your team, finally putting all those business tools and processes you learned about in our signature management course into action!

In terms of life outside of work, amplifying could mean setting yourself goals and aiming higher than ever before. Perhaps you want to run a marathon, learn a new instrument, or start volunteering at an animal shelter? Whatever your goal may be, amplifying means taking actionable steps to reach that goal – no matter how hard it may seem at first!

Why Is Amplifying So Important?
The key thing about amplifying is that it requires us to push our boundaries and challenge ourselves in ways we never have before. This can often be uncomfortable – but it is important because those who stay within their comfort zone will never experience true growth. When we aim higher than ever before – whether in our professional lives or personal lives – we learn more about ourselves and gain valuable skills along the way which prove invaluable during other stages in our lives. Plus – reaching goals brings an incredible sense of pride which has been proven time and time again to boost overall happiness!

The Spa Professionals Guild chose ‘AMPLIFY’ as the word for 2023 for good reason – because it encourages us all to step out of our comfort zones and strive further than ever before! Whether this means aiming higher professionally by taking on greater responsibility at work or challenging ourselves personally by setting goals outside of work, the act of amplifying should be celebrated as an opportunity for growth both personally and professionally!

The best way to live life and career AMPLIFIED this year is by making time to learn and grow. You can do this by attending EVERY SINGLE free coaching opportunity we provide as well as enrolling in our Complete Business Management course which will provide you with a BLUEPRINT to manage your spa or salon – it couldn’t be easier… and we’re here to support you and cheer you on, every step of the way!


Here’s hoping 2023 brings lots of opportunities for everyone to amplify their respective careers and personal lives! Good luck!

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