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Owners and managers today are continuously looking for ways to increase revenue, to have more customers, and to have an efficient and productive team. All the tips and ideas in the world can be implemented but unless you have an aligned strategy that speaks into the demands of the consumers, and then one step further by aligning the strategy within your businesses, then you are going to be left feeling frustrated and exhausted.

Before we look into the why and how of aligning your business strategically to market trends you need to remain and stay true to your own business identity. So ask yourself a few questions: Why did you create your business in the first place? What was your goal? And What do you want to achieve? Make sure that is clear and don’t stray from that.

What is the benefit of aligning your business to the market trends?

1. Time Saving

Wasting time on things that are not going to give you the results or spending hours working on ideas and projects that have little or no impact is not something any business can afford these days. By knowing what you need to do you can save precious time by getting straight to the ‘how are you going to do it’ part.

2. Team Motivation

When the team knows what the bigger picture is and are clear on the goal, they are more motivated and driven to want to be a part of it. it creates healthy internal competition and all striving for the same outcome.

3. Stay ahead of the competition

Most spas and salons implement change or try new things only when the trend has passed the peak, it’s like they want someone else to try it first. Stay ahead of the game and align your business early to the market trends. Be the leader not the follower.

4. Explosive growth

When you deliver what someone wants and you do it really well then they talk and their friends come and they talk and their friends come and then you get the kind of growth everyone wants.

Let’s look at the summary of the trends that are already making waves in our Industry and while you read these I want you to think about how you can introduce some or all of these concepts into your business.


Menopause retreats
Menopause tightening facial
Menopause “add on” menu (special mask for facial, cooling mist or cooling stones to a massage, wood therapy for a massage, special sound therapy for menopause, focus therapy mists sprayed into the room during treatment to alleviate brain fog and so many more)

VR sessions during pedicures
VR during massage
Create nature rooms. Forest room, dessert, beach etc

Hormone eating plans
Teenage breakout control
Male skin care 101
Short and valuable workshops that create loyalty

Vaginal Facials
Vaginal area makeovers
Vaginal Tightening

HeadSet/ Earphones with music choices to suit needs/mood

Appoint “Green Officer”
Start with 5 small initiatives
Tell your clients and get them involved

Medicinal Mushrooms

Device Sleeping Bags
Time away from devices during treatments

More than dermaplaning, more than needling, next level now
Combination tech treatments: dermaplaning, peel and hydrabrasion
RF Needling
Fat Freeze
Fractional CO2 Laser
5D Hifu

Sound therapy
If you sit and have a brainstorm session with your team about these 10 trends you are sure to be able to find easy ways to incorporate them into your current offering without too much investment and effort.

In conclusion and very importantly for any of this to work there are 4 TIPS to ENSURE you follow for successful trend alignment.

1. Free flow of information at all levels. If clients and staff don’t know exactly what you are doing and why then it won’t work. For example, if you introduce mushroom coffee to talk into the psychedelic trend well, then tell your staff and tell your clients why you are doing this. Regular meetings with all staff to ensure lines of communication are clear and open.

2. Staff participation. Your team from top to bottom and right to left need to be engaged, on board and participate. They need to be excited and experience what the clients are going to experience.

3. Link Performance to strategy. Add the initiatives to KPI and set incentives on achievement of goals/targets.

4. Monitor and Measure. Weekly monitoring of progress, measuring who or what is doing well and then adjusting course if necessary.

If you missed the one hour coaching session on this topic and would like to watch the replay as it expands on the summary above just reach out to our support team at [email protected] and ask them to send you info on where you can access this recording.

Can’t wait to hear your success stories! Please do share your wins and also your thoughts on this newsletter.

See you soon!

Marisa xx

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