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Don’t make plans for the 13th before reading this


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My 9 to 5 as a spa consultant has me on the road visiting clients daily. I’m their second set of eyes and accountability partner as it relates to staff, operations, marketing and boosting revenue. 👀 Blah-Blah yawn… yes there’s a reason I’m telling you that…

It’s not super glam wolfing down sandwiches and cappuccinos in my car between visits but I LOVE it because it’s the reason I can share so much advice with you. I’m on the ground and in the trenches every single day!

I can say without a doubt the one challenge most managers and owners ask me to fix with my magic wand is STAFF.

You an I both know finding and retaining skilled and motivated staff can sometimes be harder than finding toilet paper during the height of COVID. (Glad that period is behind us)

We also know that high staff turnover rates are super sucky for our bottom line because service quality and customer satisfaction totally TANKS with every exit interview.

Here’s your solution.
Create a positive work environment

I know what you’re thinking – BUT HOW MARISA?

I could write a book on this topic but I don’t want you to kick me out of your inbox for excessively long newsletters…

You know what we can do instead? Let’s talk live!

On April 13th I’m going live on Facebook to answer as many of your business challenges as I can. I’m actually a tad nervous about this because it’s going to be my first time – but let’s do it! I’m sure you can think of at least one topic you’d like to bounce off me?

Send your questions in advance by replying to this email so my team can prepare a list which will make the session a million times smoother and more valuable for all.


I hinted at writing a book on “Creating a Positive Work Environment” to answer your “But How Marisa” appeal..

As a reward for replying to this mail with your questions I’m going to gift you a robust E-Book which I wrote on the subject!

All you have to do is hit reply, share your biggest challenge and VOILA, E-Book incoming AND I’ll answer your question live! (I may even write an E-Book on yours, who knows…)

Here’s a little preview of the E-Book.

Now don’t despair if you don’t have a question or challenge and you’re not sure you’ll attend the Facebook live but you don’t want to miss out on the freebie. If you definitely know you want it regardless of the Q&A sesh then just respond and say; “Please give me the E-Book Marisa.”

Secretly I’m hoping you will attend the live Q&A because it’s going to be so valuable! 😚

Can’t wait to chat with you!

Marisa xx

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