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Let me tell you about a time when I almost lost my cool and flipped out on a customer. (Please email me back if you have ever had a similar situation?)


I recently had a customer complaint that was so upsetting, I wanted to curse them out. Their tone was so aggressive and disrespectful that I was at a loss for words. They even threatened to post very negative things about my spa on social media. I was fuming!

But then I remembered my BFF ChatGPT. I wrote down everything that was happening and asked ChatGPT to give me a response. It was amazing. The response was so civil and understanding, and exactly what I needed. And when I asked for other options to the response, ChatGPT was able to give them to me and all I had to do was edit what I felt was appropriate

The customer was so receptive to my response that they ended up apologizing for their harsh behavior. They were happy that I was able to address their concerns and offer them some solutions. Whew!

This is just one example of how AI can be used to improve anyone’s business. 🫶

If you attended my last coaching session, you probably already know that AI can also be used to:

Automate tasks, freeing up your time to focus on more important things
Personalize customer experiences
Drive sales and revenue
Improve efficiency
And so much more!!!

The event was titled, “Innovation Unleashed: AI Driven Coaching Session for Beauty Salon and Spa”. Did you miss it?

It was a jam-packed session where we discussed the different ways AI can be used in the salon, aesthetic clinic, and spa industry. It was great! Everyone left the session so excited about the possibilities. And as a freebie, all the attendees got my ebook for free!

This ebook is a comprehensive guide that delves deeper into the options, strategies and techniques discussed during the coaching session. "Revolutionizing Your Salon, Aesthetic Clinic & Spa Business: Harnessing the Power of AI to Enhance Customer Experience, Drive Growth, and Boost Efficiency." If you're interested in buying a copy, simply CLICK HERE.

If you’re not yet ready to take a dive into AI, I highly suggest you try dipping your toes into something as simple as ChatGPT. Don’t worry. I made a cheat sheet to help get you started! 😉

All I ask in return for this free valuable guide that would take you hours to figure out yourself is that you join me and invite a colleague to my next session on the 5th of July. I am willing to guarantee that if you are not happy with the session, I will offer you mmmmm…. Well let’s chat about this because I am not sure what to offer and that’s how sure I am you will leave the session feeling READY TO CONQUER with me and our community!

CLICK HERE to get your ChatGPT Master Guide for FREE

I hope this has given you some food for thought. The future of AI in the salon, aesthetic clinic, and spa industry is very bright. I encourage you to explore the possibilities and see how AI can help you take your business to the next level.

See you next week!
Marisa xx



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