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NEW MISSION: Unconscious Competence! …are you with me????


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Phew! What a week it’s been for me. I’m feeling drained and honestly, my glass looks half empty right now! 😩 Between my General Manager immigrating to England, my son being very sick, my aunt passing away—ugh, the list goes on, it’s been rough, to say the least! And to top it all off, I received a complaint letter from a client at one of the spas/salons I work with. You know how it is—therapists not communicating properly and failing to manage clients’ expectations. 😤 It’s so frustrating!

But guess what? After the coaching session with Emlyn yesterday, I finally have a solution and a PLAN, and I am SUPER EXCITED about it!!!! 🎉

I’m sure many of you can relate, right? Dealing with those same pesky complaints, trying to fix things, but they keep popping up again after a few weeks. It can be maddening!

By the way, did you attend the session yesterday? If you didn’t, OH BOY, you missed out on some golden nuggets!

So, here’s what I’m going to do, thanks to Emlyn’s insights:

I’m going to train my therapists to the point of UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE. You know, where they do things so competently that it becomes automatic, without them even thinking about it. 💪

Now, I know it sounds easier said than done, but fear not! I’ll share some tips on how to achieve this, and we can embark on this journey together because it’s my new mission! 🚀

1️⃣ Scripting 📝
Create detailed scripts outlining exactly what therapists need to say.

2️⃣ Record Initial Role Play 🎬
Record a role play so they can watch it.

3️⃣ Record Initial Script Narration 📼
Record the script separately, so they can asses tonality, pace, and clarity.

4️⃣ Rehearsals 📝
Give them time to practice.

5️⃣ Role Play Recording 🎥
Let them do a role play, keeping a record of how they perform the first time – let them watch it.

6️⃣ Script Recording 🎙️
Record them reading the script separately – let them hear it.

7️⃣ Continue Rehearsing 🔄
Keep practicing role plays until they’ve got it down pat

8️⃣ Follow-Up Role Play 📅
After a week, conduct another role play session.

This might sound like a mammoth task but believe me, it’s not as overwhelming as it seems, and once it’s done well, those complaints will vanish because our therapists will be doing things just the way we want them to.

Hey, I’m already drawing up a script for a team of therapists i work with. If you want to see and use my script for your salon or spa, just reply to this email with “YES PLEASE MARISA SHARE THE SCRIPT!” and I’ll happily send it your way. Let’s support each other on this journey! 🤝

Before I wrap up this week’s newsletter, here’s another valuable tip from Emlyn: How often do you experience your own spa or salon? This one struck a chord with me because I make it a point to try out various therapies at different spas, but I rarely get treatments at the ones I work with directly. Well, THAT WILL CHANGE TODAY! 💆‍♀️

Oh, and guess what? I plan to expand on at least 10 tips and points that Emlyn shared in his session and incorporate them into our membership program’s module content. I’ll provide you with SOPs, scripts, and even commission structures, just as he touched upon. 📚

One LAST thing before I sign off— are you all set for August?

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Until next time, take care and stay awesome!

Marisa xx

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