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Last week, I shared the thrilling news about finally beating “the chess master” (my son) at his own game. 🏆 Well, guess what? This week, I ventured into uncharted territory – poker! 🃏

I attended our annual WPO (Woman President Organisation) conference retreat, a three-day jam-packed event that took me from a whirlwind of thoughts to pure fun, and then back to learning and strategizing, all in one day!

Our evening event was called Salon Prive, and upon arrival, the whole room was a poker paradise. The best part? This was the very first time I had ever played poker in my life. We had a lesson, and then the games began. Thankfully, it wasn’t real money, and when we ran out of chips, we simply got more, yayyyyyyy.

You know, I’m not typically a gamer, but it dawned on me lately that games teach us valuable lessons – thinking ahead, strategizing moves and counter moves. And goodness, do we need that kind of thinking in both business and everyday life.

Now, speaking of games and strategy, that’s precisely what we delved into during our recent coaching session – “the GAME PLAN for Marketing Triumph!” 🚀

The session was a total hit! I couldn’t be happier with everyone’s active participation and insightful questions. We truly learned a lot from one another.

We also explored the 10 steps to marketing success and discovered that many of us had been skipping some crucial ones. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

You see, I get it. Thinking about marketing around the clock isn’t easy. I’ve been there too, struggling to navigate the marketing maze.

So, here is the 10-point GAME PLAN summary:

1️⃣ Clearly define your USP. What sets you apart from your competitors? Please don’t say service and unique décor because that simply won’t make a USP strong enough to attract and retain today’s informed clients.

2️⃣ Understand your Target Audience. Have you defined and even drawn up your Customer Avatar?

3️⃣ Develop your brand. Do you have a document with your brand identity clearly mapped out? Logo, font, colors, sizes, positioning, brand message …

4️⃣ Build an Engaging Spa Website. “ENGAGING” (definitely go watch the recording to hear more about what you think a website should look like vs. what it really needs to look like).

5️⃣ Implement SEO strategies. Which you can’t do without point 4 covered.

6️⃣ Dynamic Social Media. Engagement is more important than likes!

7️⃣ Content Marketing. Infographics, blogs, and videos.

8️⃣ Email Marketing. NOT TO BE FORGOTTEN. Consistency is key!

9️⃣ Online Reviews & reputation management. RESPOND TO REVIEWS!!!! Both negative and positive and manage your online reputation.

🔟 Track, Analyze & Adjust.

I promised a quick summary, and there you have it. We did go into more detail during the session, so don’t miss out! Respond to this email and say, “Marisa, send me that recording!”

There is also a very powerful marketing module that gives so much insight into this topic as part of our ELITE MEMBERSHIP offering where you can access over 300 templates and tools ready to implement and save you thousands of hours of precious time.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all in marketing. But if you’re eager to turbocharge your business, we’ve got something special – our industry-specific marketing calendars! 📅

Now, let me be real – this calendar won’t do all the work for you. It’s more like a handy tool that you’ll need to customize a bit. But trust me, those who’ve fully embraced it have witnessed incredible success.

Each month, we pour in all the relevant industry insights – market trends, social media know-hows, important dates, industry updates, and so much more!

This is one tool you need to get your hands on to save you hours of time, lots of money, and a huge effort and brainpower that goes into coming up with this type of content!

Now, here’s a little favor. If you implement even a single nugget of wisdom from “The GAME PLAN for Marketing Triumph!” session or from any of the abundant content prompts in the October Marketing Calendar, please, pretty please, share your experience with me. Your feedback is pure gold, and it’s the driving force behind our thriving community. Whether it’s a roaring success or a valuable lesson learned, your insights help us all grow together.

I can’t wait to hear your stories and celebrate your successes! 💪 Feel free to hit that reply button or drop me a message anytime.

Catch you soon!

Marisa xx

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