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Beauty and Wellness Trends to Look Out For In 2021



With the new year already in full swing, there are a few words that are shining strong in what is the new normal, world such as prevention, immune-boosting as well as mental and physical wellness. With this in mind, we spoke to Marisa Dimitriadis, Managing Director at The Spa Consultants and Chief Business Coach of Spa Professionals Guild for all the trends expected this year in the beauty and wellness industry.

Wellness is set to take on a different, more dynamic and all-encompassing shape going into 2021. The consumer will be focused on all types of self-help and ways to prevent illness rather than cure it. It will not just be about mindfulness and treatments that promote wellness and holistic interventions but will include far more such as fashion and science looking at what fashion styles, fabrics and colours can do for wellness as well as how science is evolving artificial intelligence, modern medicine and the digital space to offer solutions for all to be healthy and well.

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Whilst visits to spas and salons will still happen we predict that the consumer will continue to look for more at-home solutions. Some examples to look out for are: spiritual cleansing baths, bath teas for different outcomes such as detoxifying, sleep-enhancing, skin smoothing, remineralising and more. At-home skin peeling solutions, a wider variety of masks, special eye treatments to assist the reduction of swollen or red eyes and any blue light protection products as the consumers spend more time in front of their computers and devices.

Set to be the biggest growing trend in beauty and wellness for 2021 is the online space as consumers spend more time looking online instead of in-store or face to face. Set to show a big boom is virtual online skincare or body care consultations where your qualified aesthetician will help you achieve your skincare or body care goals in the virtual space. The professional skin and body brands you are used to buying at your salon will be available for home delivery at the prescription of your qualified therapist. More online events such as wellness workshops and webinars to improve physical and mental wellness will be on the rise this year.

We will definitely see a rise in local travel which are renaming “responsible travel” where the aim is to support our local economy to get back on track whilst still recharging and regenerating. With overseas travel taking a back seat completely in 2021 the sustainability focus for the coming year is supporting the local economy.

Prescriptions will change shape in 2021 with nature as the main remedy. This year will see a rise in nature-based anything from hotels, treatments in the outdoors, guided nature meditation sessions and so many more offerings.

Quality of sleep has deteriorated and it’s becoming more a question of quality over quantity. Beauty/spa services will have a focus to enhance better sleep even perhaps including treatment that works at it’s best at night. Silk sleepwear, sleep yoga, satin pillowcases are all set to be a growing trend in the coming year in the beauty and wellness industry.

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Anything you can do to support the immune system will be the name of the game in immune-boosting ingredients as well as techniques will be seen in massage, in body wraps and exfoliation, in skin treatments and even energy healing concepts.

With increased time on zoom calls and online meetings where the focus is the face and neck well there, you have it. Treatments to enhance natural glowing skin and flawless complexion is a top priority for the workforce going into 2021. A focus on natural makeup is also a huge 2021 beauty trend with makeup for online meetings lessons being a top of the list.

Quality of Air was already a focus from 2019 but will see a new shift in 2021 with much more than air purifiers and specific plants that improve the air quality. Have a look at something very interesting that will start to make some way this coming year especially in the workplace where people have to come to a public place to work and also, the hospitality industry that services the business traveller.

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